Fencl® CARP 24" landing net (two-section)

The Fencl® CARP 24" comes with a two-section telescopic handle, metal arm spreader block, extremely flexible fibreglass arms and a replaceable rubberized net. The landing net is designed for the widest possible use on all waters and can easily be used to catch trophy fish. Free lifetime servicing.

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More variants 5 years warranty From the manufacturer


Landing net head

The rubberized net does not absorb water or odours and is extremely gentle on the fish.

The high-quality, lightweight, extremely flexible arms are made of strong yet flexible GRP fibreglass with cross-linked fibres. Perfect for landing large fish with ease!

Metal arm spreader block

The duralumin arm spreader block incorporates more than 30 years of experience in the production of carp landing nets. It is produced on CNC machines and is constructed with strength and durability in mind.

Telescopic handle

The telescopic handle can be adjusted to the right length and held in position with our newly developed intuitive locking system. The system works on the basis of a screw and a nut made of hardened plastic, which is mechanically secured by a safety pin inside the telescopic handle. In this way, even at high temperatures, for example in the sun, the plastic does not slip.

Parameters of Fencl® CARP 24" landing net (two-section)

Landing net arms


24 in 

Net type rubberized
Net depth 22 in
Total length 71 in  (two-section)
Folded/retracted length 28 in
Weight 31 oz


32 in


Net type rubberized
Net depth 24 in
Total length 92 in (two-section)
Folded/retracted length 36 in
Weight 39 oz


42 in


Net type rubberized
Net depth 32 in
Total length 114 in (two-section)
Folded/retracted length 41 in
Weight 47 oz


Why choose a fishing net from Fencl?



We employ modern and innovative processing technologies for the production of fishing nets. We guarantee high-quality workmanship. We are a European company with an established reputation dating back to 1992.

Free servicing

We provide free servicing even after the 2-year warranty period. If it concerns a product defect, you can send it back to us and we will repair it for you.

30 years

Our company has been successfully operating on the market for over 30 years. Over those years, we have always listened carefully to our customers,
continuously improving and innovating our products.

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