Fencl® PREDATOR PREMIUM PRO spinning net M, L, XL,XXL with rubberized net

The Predator Premium Pro landing net in modern black design with anodized arm spreader block is easy to handle with one hand. Extremely strong and durable landing net for active fishing. For connoisseurs and anglers in difficult outdoor conditions, we recommend using it in combination with the Predator Premium Pro mechanical attachment, which enables the strength of detachment to be adjusted. Landing net with free service and easily replaceable net.

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Fencl® PREDATOR PREMIUM PRO spinning net M, L, XL,XXL with rubberized net
More variants 5 years warranty From the manufacturer



The Fencl Predator magnetic holder is designed for use with Fencl telescopic spinning nets. The holder for the magnet is threaded for screwing onto the landing net, with the magnetic attachment and detachment providing greater ease of use when fishing.




The frame of the fishing net head features black EVA foam that enables it to float on the surface of the water. This is particularly useful to anglers who wade in water while fishing because it enables them to devote their full time to fishing whilst letting the net float by their side. The frame of the fishing net head is made of high-quality aluminium and features a metal arm spreader block with a universal thread.



This two-section telescopic handle is made of high-quality duralumin tubes which can be locked into any position. Universal thread. Available in different variants – wood/carbon. With 360° rotating eyelet.

Wooden handle: Handmade hardwood handle treated with hydro/oleophobic protection using nano technology. The application of this method enables you to still feel the texture of the wood.

Carbon: Adds a modern minimalist design to the handle. Made of high-quality twill 3k carbon fibre.



Parameters, landing net with rubberized net


Frame size 16 x 13 in
Network depth 12 in
Length landing net 57 in
Transport 32 in
Weight 19,5 oz



Frame size 19 x 16 in
Network depth 20 in
Length landing net 64 in
Transport 32,2 in
Weight 21 oz




Frame size 22,5 x 18 in
Network depth 23,6 in
Length landing net 66 in
Transport 32 in
Weight 22,5 oz




Frame size 27 x 21 in
Network depth 29,5 in
Length landing net 71 in
Transport 32 in
Weight 25,3 oz


Why choose a fishing net from Fencl?



We employ modern and innovative processing technologies for the production of fishing nets. We guarantee high-quality workmanship. We are a European company with an established reputation dating back to 1992.

Free servicing

We provide free servicing even after the 2-year warranty period. If it concerns a product defect, you can send it back to us and we will repair it for you.

30 years

Our company has been successfully operating on the market for over 30 years. Over those years, we have always listened carefully to our customers,
continuously improving and innovating our products.
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