Fencl® QUEEN fishing net head (silicone net)

Fixed fishing net head with metal arm spreader and universal thread that is compatible with all Fencl fishing net handles. Silicone nets in the sizes M, L, XL can be used. Ideal in combination with a long or short fishing net handle.

Frame Size and Net Depth
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Fishing net head

The elegant, black frame beautifully complements the look of the entire fishing net. The silicone net not only prevents hook snags and snares and does not absorb odours, but is light and soft to the touch, which means it is very gentle on the fish. Also suitable for Belly Boats.

Metal arm spreader and universal thread

Metal arm spreader block with universal thread that is compatible with all Fencl fishing net handles. We recommend the following combinations: 6 in handle, extended 16 in handle, 47 in, 79 in or 118 in telescopic handle.

Parameters of Fencl® QUEEN fishing net head



Net head size  
19 x 9,5 in
Net depth  
12 in
Weight 9 oz




Net head size  
22 x 12 in
Net depth  
14 in
Weight 11 oz




Net head size
28 x 14,5 in
Net depth  
16 in
Weight 14 oz
Why choose a fishing net from Fencl?



We employ modern and innovative processing technologies for the production of fishing nets. We guarantee high-quality workmanship. We are a European company with an established reputation dating back to 1992.

Free servicing

We provide free servicing even after the 2-year warranty period. If it concerns a product defect, you can send it back to us and we will repair it for you.

30 years

Our company has been successfully operating on the market for over 30 years. Over those years, we have always listened carefully to our customers,
continuously improving and innovating our products.
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