Choosing the right fishing net

How do you choose the right fishing net?

A fishing net, of which there are many types, is an important part of any angler's equipment. That is why Fencl® has a wide range on offer for all the different forms of fishing.
But how do you choose the right one?

To start with, it's good to know what style of fishing you are
interested in, whether you intend to fish from a boat or from the bank, and
the size of the fish you want to catch.

Once you have figured these out for yourself, then it's time to take a closer look.

Landing nets for carp fishing enthusiasts

Carp 60, Carp 80, Carp 100
Carp Premium
Max 77
Fencl® offers three model series of carp landing nets. You can either buy them as a complete set,
or buy the net head and telescopic handle

Carp 60, 80 and 100

The ideal choice for feeder fishing, float fishing and other forms of
fine fishing. Easily portable because of the clever folding system.
Available in three handle lengths 60/80/100 cm.

⇒ Ideal for landing trophy fish

⇒ Fish-friendly rubberized net which prevents hook snags and snares and which does not absorb
water and odours

⇒ Net head with fibreglass arms that are extremely flexible and always return to
their original state (see video)

⇒ Hinged arms for easy transport
and storage

⇒ Two-section telescopic handle to bring fish within easy reach
from wherever you are fishing

 ⇒Universal thread ⇒Metal arm spreader block

⇒ Free lifetime servicing

Carp Premium

The name says it all! This revolutionary carp landing net
is guaranteed to thrill. The unique plug-in plug-out arm attachment/ detachment system
means you will be ready for action in seconds, 
as well as on your way home in no time.

⇒ Floating arms due to black
EVA foam covering

⇒ Single twist  mechanism under the arm spreader block
instantly releases the arms, which can then be withdrawn from the spreader block with a
light tug

⇒ Rubberized net which prevents hook snags and snares and which does not absorb water
or odours. ⇒ Quick-drying net

⇒ Modern and innovative processing technology

⇒ Ideal for landing trophy fish

MAX 77

Landing net with rubberized net suitable for fishing from a boat or in
overgrown waters. The frame of the net head and the arm spreader block are made of solid metal. Easy
one-handed manipulation.  A landing net made for big fish!

⇒ For carp anglers we recommend a 6x10mm mesh size

⇒ Foldable landing net head ⇒ One touch release mechanism

⇒ Strong and sturdy construction ⇒ Quick-drying net

⇒ Universal thread ⇒ Choice of handle ⇒ Recommended maximum
length of 2m


Landing nets for predatory fish

If you want your landing net not to get in the way while fishing, but
also want it at hand at exactly at the right time, we recommend the Predator
XL. The Predator XL features a telescopic handle, rubberized net and built-in
magnetic net releaser (with belt clip) to attach it to the loop of your fishing vest or backpack. With a simple flick-click action,
the landing net head swings and clicks into place, enabling you to quickly
land your fish.

Advantages of the Predator XL:

⇒ Magnetic net releaser (with belt clip) so your landing net is always
at the ready.

⇒ Fish-friendly rubberized net which prevents hook snags and snares and which does not absorb
water or odours

⇒ Intuitive one-handed release mechanism

⇒ Replacement nets available if the net gets damaged
by a fish

⇒ Free
lifetime servicing

Landing nets with magnetic net releaser (with belt clip)

⇒ Predator/ Predator Special

Landing nets with belt clip

⇒ Max 60/Max 55

⇒ Recommended in combination with Fencl® 90cm (carbon/wood) handle

⇒ Can also be ordered with 2m telescopic handle, but due to the belt
clip it cannot be fully retracted (can be produced without belt clip upon request)

⇒ Ideal landing net for salmon or steelhead fishing
from a boat (without clip) and from
the shore

⇒ Max 55 ⇒ Transparent silicone fishing net ⇒ Can also be used for sea
trout fishing

NEW for 2022 ⇒ Max 60/Max 55 now in
floating version



Fly fishing nets

For fly fishermen we have the special model series King and Queen. Both series come in three
sizes M, L, XL (code: 1950, 1951, 1952). The fishing nets feature
a magnetic net releaser that is firmly attached to the frame. As a result, you
can attach the whole landing net to your fishing vest.
You then always have it at the ready when a fish takes the bait! The luxurious design
features a hardwood handle, coated three times with a waterproof yacht varnish,
and a black metal arm spreader block, with the brass accessories
adding the final touches.

Advantages of fly fishing nets:

⇒ Comfort for the angler due to the intuitive magnetic
net releaser (with belt clip).

⇒ Fish-friendly rubberized net which prevents hook snags and snares and which does not absorb
water or odours

⇒ Perfectly balanced weight distribution ⇒ Easy
handling in the water

⇒ Universal thread, which means the head can be combined with other handles (long/short)

NEW for 2022 ⇒ Now in floating


Fencl® is a Czech manufacturer and exporter of fishing nets, handles and accessories. Each product
is handmade and comes with free lifetime servicing.

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