Fencl® fishing nets of European manufacture

Fencl® has been a specialised manufacturer of fishing nets for more than 30
years. Over those years, we have always listened carefully to the experiences of our customers. In response, we have continuously sought to improve and innovate. This motivation has therefore seen us take our product range to a
whole new level recently. We now have over 20 types of fishing nets to
choose from! We
have not only incorporated compactness into our products, so that the angler does
not have to buy separate fishing net sets, but also universality in components, so that the angler can build their own
fishing net according to their
personal needs and wants.

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This year we added the revolutionary Carp Premium landing net to
our product range, which pushes new boundaries in fishing.

The ingenious plug-in plug-out arm attachment/detachment system is unrivalled and unparalleled in
the fishing industry. The single twist release mechanism under the arm spreader block
instantly releases the arms, which can then be withdrawn from the spreader block with a
light tug.

The question is often asked: Is the single twist mechanism on the Carp Premium landing net
durable? The unequivocal answer is "Yes". Why? Because we think of
everything! We have applied a self-slip coating to the mechanism, which
lubricates it instantly when (dis)engaged.

  This means one important thing for fishermen, namely that no complicated maintenance is
required. Just rinse the mechanism and arm spreader block in clean water once in a while. We also pride
ourselves on simplicity and the application of modern production
technologies, which means our products are of the highest quality and
the No. 1 choice among anglers.

Our premium rubberized nets
set us apart from the rest and are highly sought after
because they are quick drying and fish friendly.

As described above, the ease of handling the Carp Premium is another deciding factor among anglers.
The combination of the
plug-in plug-out system for arm attachment/detachment
and the single twist release mechanism both make an angler’s life a lot simpler.  They enable you to get the fish into the
net safely and gently and to hold it there if needs be.

An additional float is also no longer required because the black
EVA foam covered net arms do the
job instead.

Another useful feature is the magnet for attaching the
bottom of the net to the frame to keep the net drawn together. The moment you guide the fish into the landing net, the magnet
disengages under its weight, releasing the full depth of the net for your catch.

With the Fencl you will surely have fun by the water and at the same time it will make fishing easier thanks to its thoughtful details. 

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