How to choose a children's fishing net

Choosing a fishing net for children?

How do you choose a high-quality, functional fishing net for your
little fisherman?

There are a number of important parameters to take into consideration:

1) Weight
This is essential when handling in water. We recommend a maximum
weight of 400 grams. This means the fishing net is light to handle and
manoeuvrable in the water.

2) Simplicity of design
A fishing net that unfolds easily with one hand (e.g. flick-click system) is ideal
for young learners. It’s important that your little fisherman doesn’t become frustrated because of their equipment.
After all, fun is the key word here!

3) Consideration for nature
We recommend using a rubberized net. These nets prevent hook snags and snares and are very gentle on the fish.
Their durability and
long lifespan is something parents will appreciate. Furthermore, the
nets dry quickly and don’t smell. When buying a fishing net, also take into account the
possible need to buy a replacement net. Take it from us, every net wears out at some time!
It is far better for the environment and more economical to just replace the net within a few minutes
(see video tutorial) than to buy a whole new set.

4) Telescopic handle
It is very practical when fishing from a bank to
be able to extend the fishing net to the
required length with the help of a telescopic handle. A non-slip rubber grip
will ensure a firm hold and a rubberized net will
ensure that the fishing net does not "sink".

We put a lot of emphasis on all these parameters, which is why we
developed the KNUCKER brand of fishing nets. KNUCKER fishing nets come with handles in 4 bright colours, namely green, purple, blue and orange, so that even little fisherwoman
can choose their favourite colour.

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