Fencl® magnetic holder - pickup head

Fencl® magnetic holders have a strength of 10,5 or 13,5 liber and are designed for attaching to fishing net heads. They can easily be fixed to the net head frame with self-locking cable ties. The main advantage is that they can be placed anywhere on the net head frame, in a place that is convenient to you. By attaching your fishing net to the magnet holder, it is always close at hand and ready for use.


Magnetic force
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magnetický držák podběrákové hlavy MagMagic
From the manufacturer

Installation of Fencl® magnetic holder
Place the base plate for the magnetic holder anywhere on the net head frame. Thread the self-locking cables ties through it and tighten until securely in place. Cut off the protruding parts to prevent snagging and potential injury.
Magnetic holders - easy net attachment/detachment

A 90-degree rotating magnet makes it easy to keep your fishing net close at hand and ready to use when you need it. A gentle tug is all that is needed to detach it. The opposite is also true when you want to return the fishing net to its original place. Place it close enough, and the strength of the magnet, which is up to 6.2 kg, will draw the fishing net back by itself. The Fencl® RACKET fly fishing net is also equipped with a durable rubber-coated steel cable that prevents loss, even in extreme situations.


The magnetic holder consists of an extra strong neodymium magnet and magnetic stainless steel encased in duralumin. The duralumin case attaches to a stainless steel plate incorporated in a specially shaped plastic base plate, which prevents damage to the net under it.

Securing cable

A rubber-coated steel securing cable is included with the fishing net. Suitable for fly fishing nets and spinning nets. The securing cable has been specially developed to not hinder the landing of fish and, at the same time, prevent loss.

Magnetic holder - pickup head parameters

Accessory Easy to attach magnetic holder with
360° rotating metal eyelet
Magnetic strength
10,5 and 13,5 liber
Weight 1 oz
Duralumin in combination with hardened plastic
Magnets Neodymium + magnetic stainless steel
Surface finish Anodized
Carabiner clips Plastic (due to weight and AL abrasion)
Connecting materials Stainless steel
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We employ modern and innovative processing technologies for the production of fishing nets. We guarantee high-quality workmanship. We are a European company with an established reputation dating back to 1992.

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We provide free servicing even after the 2-year warranty period. If it concerns a product defect, you can send it back to us and we will repair it for you.

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Our company has been successfully operating on the market for over 30 years. Over those years, we have always listened carefully to our customers,
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