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Gee, what kind of landing net is that?
I've gotten dozens of inquiries this season about the black aluminum landing net I've used several times this year Apparently it's attracting a noticeable amount of interest from boat anglers and other anglers! Last season I had a landing net for predatory fish , but only got 2 enquiries for that. This landing net does exactly the same thing but is a lot more sophisticated and has a better look.


Questions like what brand or type, what does it fit, what is the price and where to buy. By the way, this post is not intended as an affiliate sale. I really don't deserve any of it and it's nothing more than a tip from a satisfied user.

Why exactly is it?
This is a fishing net that will allow you to land a fish from a rubber boat many times easier in rough waters, waters full of lily pads, or when a fish has swum into a zone with lots of reeds. Something that can be challenging or sometimes nearly impossible with a normal fishing net. A strong frame literally pushes you under the fish, and then - if needed - you can put force on the center of the landing net without having to worry about the frame breaking. I seem to have heard this happening with other brands. Plus it's unprecedentedly light, compact and foldable. Put it in your rubber dinghy or hang it on your backpack.


Which one do I use?
Fencl Maxi XXL in the floating version.


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